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New Construction

In the realm of constructing intricate hillside ADU foundation systems, our status as a leading foundation contractor extends to clientele throughout Los Angeles and the broader Southern California area. Undertaking any form of hillside foundation construction, such as developing foundations for hillside Accessory Dwelling Units, necessitates specialized proficiency and a wealth of experience.

We specialize in the planning and constructing hillside ADU foundations across Los Angeles!

The task of building ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) can be intricate and challenging, especially when construction occurs on a steep incline. If your ambitions involve carving a foundation into a precipitous hillside to augment your home, accommodate a guest house or garage, or enhance square footage, Renovate Works has the hillside foundation professionals you need.

Given the uniqueness of the Los Angeles region’s geography, it’s no rarity to find homes built on hillsides. However, these hillside properties come with their own set of construction hurdles due to elements like soil erosion and fluctuating soil, culminating in landslides and mudslides — common phenomena throughout Southern California. Therefore, meticulous planning is critical for Los Angeles hillside ADU foundations to ensure structural integrity and practical adherence to regulatory and compliance standards.

Accessory Dwelling Units

An ADU, whether attached or detached, is a residential unit capable of supporting independent living for at least one individual. It is based on the same plot as a proposed or existing primary residence. The ADU is designed with all the necessary facilities for daily living, including areas for relaxation, sleep, food preparation, and sanitation. These units are located on the same parcel of land where the single-family or multi-family homes are positioned or will be.

The Benefits Of ADU’S

ADUs represent a cost-effective home-building option in California primarily because they eliminate the need for substantial expenses such as land acquisition, major infrastructure development, structured parking solutions, or elevator installations.

  1. ADUs offer homeowners a versatile way to provide separate living spaces to family members and others, thereby supporting seniors to remain in their familiar surroundings while receiving the increased care they may need as they age.
  2. ADUs can provide a source of income for homeowners.
  3. ADUs allow extended families to be near one another while maintaining privacy.

Choose Your Layout and watch it come to life!

Remodeling And Renovation

We are devoted to providing you with the finest home renovation experience you’ll ever have. We manage the process from inception to completion, ensuring a single contact point for your project. Please be sure to lay back and allow Renovate Works to revitalize your home without the need for you to lift a finger.

Our mission is to transform your creative concepts into stunning homes. We are here to lead you through the renovation process with personal attention and utmost care. We are here to demonstrate the exceptional outcome of the ideas born from your dreams.

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve honed our team and procedures to effectively integrate bespoke design options, proficient project management, and superior workmanship. When you entrust us with your project, you are entitled to expect nothing less than absolute excellence.

Because we are committed to creating the space that belongs to you – your home.

Reliable Energy

Transitioning to a solar panel system presents a myriad of perks, such as substantial cost reduction, ecological advantages, self-reliance in energy, and enduring worth. This investment provides personal rewards and fosters a lasting legacy of sustainability for future generations.

You can make your home better with a solar energy system. Whether your residence bathes in plenty of sunlight or you’re simply exploring avenues to slash your electricity bills, contact us today. Discover how harnessing the power of solar energy can lead to significant savings on your energy expenses.

Solar panels empower you with energy self-sufficiency, allowing you to generate your own electricity. By adopting solar panels, you can reduce or even eliminate your reliance on external energy supplies, giving you the power to control your energy destiny!


  • Cost savings are a significant benefit of generating your own electricity, enabling you to lessen your dependency on grid-supplied power.
  • Renewable Energy. By opting for solar power, you play an active role in curtailing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting against climate change.
  • Energy Independence. A solar panel system empowers you to gain more autonomy in terms of energy generation.
  • Government Incentives. To promote the adoption of solar energy, governments provide incentives, including tax credits, rebates, and net metering programs.

Foundation repair specialist

Specialists in Foundation Repair offer services to enhance and ensure your property’s longevity.

Residential properties in earthquake-prone regions are at risk of incurring foundation damage. Factors such as rushed initial construction processes and inferior-quality materials can further provoke such damages. At Renovate Works, we provide professional reconstruction and preventive maintenance services to address foundation damage.

Should your foundation display signs of damage or deterioration, it becomes paramount to have it investigated by foundation specialists. If required, replacing your foundation mitigates the risk to human life and potential property damage. Our dedicated team, comprising in-house foundation experts and builders, is proficient in offering top-notch foundation replacement services for your property.

Find The Best Windows For Your Home

Each window we offer has an advanced double-insulated solar low-E glass mechanism.

Our solar low-E configuration includes double-strength glass, a high-performance low-E coating, a stainless steel Intercept™ spacer system, and argon gas filling. This exceptional combination of technologies is a standard feature on all our windows, with the possibility of further upgrading at your convenience. While glass and coatings are the most critical energy-efficient factors, weather-stripping and foam insulation also play a part. All our windows come with strategically placed, superior wool-pile weather stripping. In addition, foam insulation comes standard on some of our windows and is available as an option on others.

Designed The Kitchen Of Your Dream

Our specialists will provide help and advice to make your dream kitchen a reality.

A devotion to design drives us. We team up with you and any other needed professionals, like your architect or interior designer, to establish the design foundation for your kitchen or bathroom makeover project. This would include table space, cooking triangles, movement routes, and storage necessities. We also consider the cook’s preferences; this might mean wanting a view of the backyard or facing loved ones on the island. You can select from our extensive selection of over 400 sample doors.

Get Started With Your Kitchen Makeover

Our team will help you design the perfect kitchen to fit your needs, style, and budget. We offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets and countertop choices. We also offer a wide selection of hardware for kitchen cabinets and fixtures. Whether you choose from good, better, best, or beyond, the most important fact is that every product we offer represents the best value for your money.

Renovate Works will not offer any product we would not be willing to place in our own home. A kitchen makeover adds value and beauty to your home. Let Renovate Works help you get started today. We will walk you through the selection process by offering sound, better, best, and beyond products. Our free estimates will help you make the best choice to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Renovate Works is committed to your satisfaction. We treat all of our customers with great appreciation regardless of the size or scope of the project.

You Never Regret Choosing The Best

Considering you utilize your bathroom daily, it should meet all your needs and reflect your style. We’re here to help you achieve just that! Whether your project is expansive or compact, we cater to all bathroom sizes and types!

Your bathroom serves as more than a mere utilitarian area; it’s the space where you both begin and conclude your day. Enhance its charm and practicality with our renovation services. A bathroom remodel is a potent investment, whether the objective is to augment real estate worth or revamp your everyday ritual. Recognizing the significance of this space, our proficient team is prepared to assist you throughout the operation, guaranteeing that your concept becomes a reality.

Expert Landscaping Solution

Transform your outdoor spaces into lush, vibrant havens with the expert touch of our professional landscaping company.

Renovate Works Landscape is your comprehensive destination for all outdoor living demands, offering a diverse spectrum of services ranging from artificial turf setup, backyard renovation, outdoor putting greens, landscape construction, concrete work, pavers, driveway repair, and yard-wide remodeling. Our expert and committed team of professionals carry a zeal for crafting attractive, functional, and customized outdoor spaces that augment both your property value and lifestyle. We want to let you know that we’re converting your backyard into a golfer’s delight or fabricating a warm outdoor entertainment spot, and our pride lies in delivering superior quality outcomes honed to your singular requirements. With a keen emphasis on client contentment and meticulous attention to detail, Renovate Works ensures every project we take on meets and surpasses your expectations, contributing enduring worth to your dwelling.

Additional Points to Consider When Selecting a Company.

  • Are they licensed?
  • Is it the needed license for the work involved?
  • Are they insured? Bonded?
  • Do they get permits for the work they do?
  • Have they done this type of project before?
  • Have they done this type of project before often?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • Do they have references?
  • Do they have references for this type of work?
  • Are they professional in appearance and manner?
  • Do the solutions they propose make complete sense to you?

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